Looky looky at what I found. THE OG’s Holy Batnap. Now on IFC.


I’m trying to build my strength back up after being ill for three weeks, so yesterday I mustard up enough energy to clean my kitchen the right way. It took me about 2 hrs. This morning EZ tells Diamond Nunu Hayes ” yea Nunu this is how you supposed to clean the Kitchen.” I lmao. And a little child shall lead…

Angels are forever.

Happy Birthday to my big cousin Yasmin. Hope you have a very special day.

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I need these. Can someone send me some?

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Baby J’s shower.

Look at what my baby got on his birthday. Its huge.

Happy Birthday to my very specially made son Ezekiel Hayes. He is the Five now. DJ would have loved his little brother. Happy Birthday baby Mommy loves you.